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Transform Enterprise Work with Intelligent AI Agents

At, we’re defining the role of AI in the enterprise. We enable you to build, run, and manage intelligent AI Agents that combine actions, intelligence, and enterprise context to close the automation gap in your most meaningful and mission-critical work—using the LLM of your choice and built on a solid foundation of open-source.

AI Agents that go beyond insights to deliver business impact

Uses your enterprise data, business processes, and runbooks to make decisions

Integrates with your enterprise systems using our powerful automation-as-code AI Actions

Works directly with your teams using simple, intuitive, conversational chat

Understand what agents are doing and why with built-in observability, security, and auditing

AI designed for the enterprise

We know what the enterprise needs to unlock true value with AI Agents

Open Source

Avoid lock-in, move quickly, and tap into best-in-breed technology from the open-source community.

Your Data, Your VPC

Control where your agents are deployed in your VPC and the data they access.


Manage the AI Agent lifecycle with enterprise-grade single sign-on, credential management, and observability.

Where AI meets human insight

Sema4 AI Agents use natural language to bridge the gap between human intent and AI-driven outcomes.


AI Agents follow a human-like thought process, breaking work down into smaller sub-tasks and plans using runbooks and instructions to provide guardrails to keep them focused on their mission.


AI Agents use natural language to communicate and collaborate with each other and with your teams, making human-to-agent interactions feel natural


AI Agents integrate directly with your enterprise data sources and applications, allowing them to go beyond providing insights and recommendations to actually getting work done

Powering the entire
AI Agent lifecycle

  • Automate complex human-driven business workflows, acting as force multipliers for your enterprise, allowing you to harness the power of LLMs to transform the way you do business.
  • Integrate directly with your existing systems to get work done using a complete Python-based automation-as-code framework that makes connecting to your enterprise data and applications simple.
  • Build, validate, and test agents and actions directly on your laptop using our self-contained AI agent development and runtime environment.
  • Centrally manage the entire lifecycle of Sema4 AI agents and actions in your enterprise with enterprise-grade single sign-on, logging, monitoring, and security.
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