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AI, Meet Action

We enable the enterprise to build, run, and manage intelligent AI Agents that transform how people work, allowing teams to quickly create powerful agents that act against their enterprise systems using LLMs.

Define the role of enterprise AI

We build enterprise-grade intelligent agents that transform how people collaborate with AI. Our AI Agents combine actions, intelligence, and enterprise context to close the automation gap.

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Sema4 AI Agents will revolutionize how you get work done.

LLMs alone can’t solve the automation gap

Traditional automation and AI fall far short of enterprise needs. It’s time to apply AI for meaningful, mission-critical collaboration with the world’s billion knowledge workers. That’s how helps you make the most of your biggest investment: your people.

Humans currently fill the gaps

Today’s complex workflows rely on skilled knowledge workers as the bridge between enterprise tools.

LLMs are all talk, no action

The promise of AI has yet to be realized—generative AI requires enterprise context and the ability to act to solve real-world problems.

“Record and replay” won’t cut it

Existing automation solutions are limited to simple, repetitive tasks, and don’t effectively support complex workflows.

Reimagine the future of work

It’s a new era for AI in the enterprise. At, we help customers build, run, and manage intelligent AI Agents that combine actions, intelligence, and enterprise context to transform how people work. 

Vision: Help you build a responsive,
AI-enabled enterprise

Tap the full value of your enterprise context

Our agents enable you to interact with all of your enterprise systems to both make decisions and inform human decision-making.

Increase the productivity of human-driven workflows 

Act as a force multiplier for your teams, boosting their efficiency, and reducing the amount of time spent connecting the dots.

Achieve significantly better outcomes

Combine the creativity of people with the power of AI, so you can achieve better outcomes and happier customers.

Power the entire AI Agent lifecycle

AI Agent lifecycle

AI Agents

Sema4 AI Agents can reason, collaborate, and act. They’re open source and give your LLMs the ability to take action, enabling you to execute complex human-driven workflows.

AI Actions

Sema4 AI Actions provide a complete automation-as-code framework that allows AI Agents to directly integrate with your existing enterprise systems and applications.

Desktop & Control Room

Manage the entire lifecycle from building using Sema4 Desktop to running in production with Sema4 Control Room, all with enterprise-grade single sign-on, logging, security, monitoring, and observability.

A foundation for new possibilities

Easy to deploy and reusable across the enterprise, AI Agents are built on our open source agent framework. Using natural language, our AI Agents collaborate with knowledge workers to help make decisions and complete complex tasks faster.

Works well with humans

Unlock the potential of AI-human collaboration across the enterprise

  • Proactively engage with your team to deliver context-driven insights and orchestrate collaborative workflows.
  • Use your internal runbooks, policies, and data to deliver informed and in-context responses.
  • Bring the knowledge of your business to your users, with direct integrations to your enterprise data and applications.
  • Integrate with enterprise systems to execute critical tasks, from data analysis to orchestrating operational processes.

Open by design

Building the leading open source stack for AI agents

Open source innovation

No developer lock-in, with open APIs, protocols, and formats, and access to the best-of-breed tools and innovation from the community.

Works with your LLM

Easily connect AI Actions to the tools you use today, including OpenAI, Microsoft Azure, and OpenGPTs.

Deploy in your environment 

Run AI Agents in your own VPC to meet enterprise security requirements.


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AI Actions

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